Muse of Style is Mornington’s newest Rent a Rack fashion store. Offering you a space to buy and sell quality preloved fashion and designer clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.
Book a rack to sell your quality preloved fashion at Muse of Style.

Sell your quality fashion and designer clothes

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? Are you wondering what to do with all those good quality fashion items in your wardrobe you once loved? Need to clear up space or make some money? The rent a rack system at Muse of Style has an answer to all your needs.
If you have clothes, you no longer wear, but are too valuable to give to charity, and selling at markets or online is way too much of a hassle, you can now rent a rack at Muse of Style in our beautiful Mornington boutique and run your own micro business for a fortnight or more.
At Muse of Style you can simply rent a rack and showcase your best fashion. You set the prices and you pick which items to sell. We provide your swing tags, printed barcodes, hangers, security tags and merchandising, you provide the clothes and accessories. Our Mornington store has trained staff to advise you on how to maximise your earnings, but the decision is yours. You then simply sit back, relax and we do all the selling for you. You can also track all your sales in real time on our app and refill your rack in order to maximise your sales.

Buy preloved quality fashion and accessories

Are you on the hunt for a second hand Burberry Coat? Searching for a preloved Zimmerman dress? Scouting online markets for a vintage Dior bag? Well, Muse of Style could have the items you are looking for! Our boutique in Mornington has a high turnover of designer clothes and accessories as well as great quality fashion from other main street brands. With new racks commencing daily you are sure to find what you are looking for. Plus, keep an eye on our Instagram channel for the latest items for sale at our store.


Quality Preloved Fashion

Whether it’s selling your own preloved items or shopping for them, this shopping experience is a fantastic way to make money and support our environment. Most people don’t wear 50% of their wardrobe and renting a rack is a quick and efficient way to give your clothes and accessories a loving new home, whilst adding money back into your pocket!


Rental Rack Options


Self Service

  • Rack Rental + 20% commission on sold items
  • Up to 40 garments and 5 accessories (shoes or bags)
  • You list and price your items on our Muse of Style online platform.
  • We print price tags with bar codes for your items and have a rack ready for you.
  • You bring your clean items to the store and set up your rack on the day your booking begins. We provide all your hangers, security tags and a steamer.
  • Muse of Style staff will maintain and tidy your rack during your rental period.
  • You can follow sales in real time on our app and top up your rack anytime in order to further maximise your sales.
Rental Rack / 2 weeks / $180

All Inclusive

  • Rack Rental + 40% commission on sold items
  • Up to 60 garments and 10 accessories (shoes or bags)
  • You list and price your items on our Muse of Style online platform.
  • We print price tags with bar codes for your items and have a rack ready for you.
  • Bring all your items into Muse of Style 1 – 2 days prior to the commencement of your rental rack
  • We set up your rack, steam, security tag and look after it during your rental period. We also replenish your rack as your items sell.
  • You can follow your sales in real time on our Muse of Style app online.
Rental Rack / 2 weeks / $180


Preloved fashion is not only a sustainable and eco-friendly choice but also an opportunity to express our unique style with one-of-a-kind pieces. By choosing to wear preloved clothing, we reduce our carbon footprint and support a circular economy. Moreover, preloved fashion allows us to rediscover the charm of vintage pieces and experiment with new styles without breaking the bank. Passionate about preloved fashion, we embrace the concept of slow fashion and appreciate the value of well-made, timeless clothing that can be worn and loved for years to come 💜



Shopping for preloved designer clothes online? Now you can purchase from Muse of Style online via our Instagram page. See our daily stories showcasing new racks and amazing designer sales. DM us with the word SOLD and the item you wish to purchase. Make a payment directly over the phone and the item is yours. You can pick up the item from our Mornington store or arrange for a postal delivery. All items showcased are available for purchase online throughout Australia.




The rent a rack system at Muse of Style has an answer to all your needs.